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Who Are We?

We are Africaniwa. A very diverse tribe where through the sacred and the fine art of storytelling, we endeavour to speak one common language.The language of unity in diversity.

Established  October 2020,in the UK as a programme under the EnT Foundation, 

Our mission is to partner with communities using diverse forms of creativity as a tool to promote social cohesion.

On a  monthly basis since our inception, we have had the utmost privilege to hold the space where ordinary people, through the power of photos, are able to share extraordinary stories about their lived or living experience as a tool to illuminate their own reality, to challenge perceptions but most importantly, as a tool for social change and social justice.

So believe me when I say, with my eyes I have seen the dignity of a man, stripped off him by the power of a story and the dignity of a people, restored back to them by the power of a story.


We believe the human story should be central to our understanding of the world and as so…

If you do not tell your story, be sure someone else would and they might not tell it right. Whilst individuality lies at the core of a story, a good story is…..

 always a shared story, a shared history but most importantly, our shared humanity. For when people are forgotten, their humanity is lost. Many people call it many things but us, we just call it Africaniwa-my lens, our story

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