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Help us achieve our goal

Our total budget to get the project off the ground is £10,000 which we are asking you to crowdfund with us in three stages.

Stage One - Spring 2022 - buying and transporting all the equipment needed to set up a permanent workshop in the school, so that current and future generations of girls can take part in these lessons - We achieved our target of £3,500 - Thank you!

Stage Two - Summer 2022 - Training teachers in the art of chocolate making and providing materials to explain the history of cocoa in Ghana in an engaging way - £3,000 - We achieved our target of £3,000 - Thank you!

Stage Three - Spring 2023 - All the ingredients needed for the first 200 girls to learn chocolate making, make their own chocolate and take it home - £2,500

We would especially invite fair trade communities and businesses in the UK and around the world to join together and help make this happen. Some examples of what your donation will fund:

£8 buys a set of measuring cups

£15 buys a set of chocolate moulds

£25 buys a set of measuring scales

£60 buys foil for wrapping the chocolates 

£100 buys a mechanical cocoa bean grinder

£150 trains a teacher in the art of chocolate making

£500 pays for an animated film to tell the story of cocoa in Ghana

£1000 buys a fridge to cool and store the chocolate

Updated plans:

Join us on Monday 6 March 12.30-1.30 for our virtual Pod Cracking Ceremony and an update from the school.











Thank you for supporting Chocolate Has A Name.

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