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Chocolate Has A Name crowdfunder update

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our most recent crowdfunder. Thanks to a large individual donation we raised £3,190 this time which means we have raised over £6,700 towards setting up our pilot workshop in Tarkwa Breman.

This means we can start buying the chocolate grinders and other equipment which will be shipped to Ghana and thence to Tarkwa Breman over the coming weeks.

We are working closely with Dekocraft who will be training the teachers to deliver the workshops and we hope this training will be complete in the coming weeks.

Joanna will be travelling to Ghana in early October to speak to the children and teachers at the school and report on progress. She will also be visiting other projects around the region as a fact finding mission to help shape the future of Chocolate Has A Name.

The crowdfunder is still live so if you want to continue to support it please do.

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