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Introducing Cocoa Ase Caucus



ASE : preposition /asi/ a Ghanaian Twi word meaning under or underneath.

Typically used to describe a communal gathering within a particular setting.

Meet with our expert witnesses who would be carefully conching the lived experience with years of academic research underneath our virtual cocoa trees to temper the conversation and add more nuance to the chocolate story.

All proceeds from the event would be contributed to the CHOCOLATE HAS A NAME PROJECT, which seeks to introduce cocoa processing into the curriculum of schools in cocoa growing communities.

Thursday 12 May 6pm

Thursday 9 June 6pm

Thursday 14 July 6pm

Thursday 11 August 6pm

Thursday 8 September 6pm

Thursday 13 October 6pm

Thursday 10 November 6pm

Thursday 8 December 6pm

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