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Our second crowdfunder is now live

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our first crowdfunder which raised over £3,500 to buy the equipment needed to set up the workshops.

Our second round of fundraising is all about education.

Our partners in Accra, artisan chocolate makers Dekocraft, will train six teachers at Tarkwa Breman girls' school to use the equipment, make the chocolate and deliver the workshops.

Our partner, Ghanaian educator, poet and artist Pobee Mwintiombo will develop educational materials to help the children understand the history, geography, politics, economics of cocoa in Ghana and along with our nutritional adviser (who also advises the Ghanaian national football team) will build an age appropriate curriculum to help the girls feel connected to this most important Ghanaian crop.

This time around we have worked with fair trade brands who have kindly donated goods so we are able to offer a range of incentives to donors.

Donate to the crowdfunder

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