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World Chocolate Day 7 July 2022

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Join us for a panel discussion on World Chocolate Day 6 - 7.30pm

Featured speakers include Senior Research Fellow in climate and sustainability, Dr Bob Manteaw, theologian Leonard Agyemang, chocolate supply chain expert Kwame Kwarteng, Chair of the Ghana cocoa carriers association Raymond Abobiga Atanga, cocoa farmer Lydia Kwofie, chocolate maker Akua Obenewaa Donkor and lived experience storyteller Adelle A'asante

All our participants are experts in cocoa, mostly through the lived experience of growing up in cocoa growing families and dedicating their academic and professional lives to the politics, philosophy, economics, history and geography of cocoa.

This will be a panel discussion on the subject of how we make chocolate fairer and how we can use World Chocolate Day to reflect on the way the cocoa industry works for farmers and workers.

Book your free tickets here

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